When I had an idea for a blog where I would write my personal stories about my adventure with the world of Mental Health, I knew that naming it will be an essential part. Mental Health is not a frivolous subject. And I don’t want to turn Mental Health struggles into a joke. But I also think that having ADHD and Autism in this world made me a lot of great and very often funny stories.

When I was younger and didn’t even know that I have ADHD and Autism, I often used Brain Fart as an excuse or explanation for my behaviors. “It wasn’t me. It was just a brain fart.” I always made it as I didn’t control myself, and my brain was making me do things I didn’t want to do.

After my diagnosis, at 23, I started to understand those brain farts as nothing more as different world cognition. I see the world differently, so I was, and I will continue to react to it differently. And as it helped me to understand myself better, I was still ashamed of this in my public life. I tried to hide my ADHD from the world, even my closed ones, so I again used the phrase “brain fart” if I did something that others thought I shouldn’t.

Two years ago I was going through another diagnosis, and on top of ADHD, I was diagnosed with Autism as well. As this helped me to understand another part of me and my behaviors, it also made me realize one, quite remarkable, thing. What makes me so different makes me… Well… Different. And it is my responsibility to share myself with the world. And maybe if the world will understand me, I won’t be needing brain fart explanation anymore?

Let’s try that then. Welcome to my brain fart life.

Jacek Ambrosiewicz

Brain Fart Life

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I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism at, respectively, 24 and 32. On top of that I had, or still have, Chronic Depression, Social Anxiety, Dissociation, Anxiety, Childhood Traumas and much more. I write about my thoughts about therapy, life and what does it mean to be a better person.

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